Great Result

sumner press 1When I was first approached by the publishers of The Sumner Illinois Press about being a part of the publications ‘Publisher’s Guest’ segment I was really excited! After reading the released issue of my guest spot, I could not be more humbled at how well the segment turned out and was published.

The strange thing is, that after 10 years now, I still look back on stories that I have told a million times  and continue to have the same joy in telling stories. They never seem to get old, in part I reckon, because they are true stories with real heart and soul behind each and every one!

I have been asked about the ‘Fall Issue’ of Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and why I have not posted regarding the outcome of my interview there. The truth is, the publishers of that magazine had a situation arise that had to personally be handled. This forced the publication to be slowed, understandably, and the issue has not yet been released. In the time I have been riding this crazy thing called ‘A Writer’s Life’, I have all of the highest belief that when the issue is released, it will not only spectacular but well worth the time and thought put into it! As soon as it drops on the news stand I will let you know!

Before I leave tonight, I want to take a quick second from your time to say that if you have children, GIVE THEM A HUG!! Last night, Marcey and I awoke to a phone call that made us glad to know that our four children are safe and happy with us. So, hug a child today, it could make all the difference in their world! 🙂

Live With Passion!



As with every Veterans Day, our Cub Scout pack honors our nations flags by conducting a Flag Retirement Ceremony. It is always cold, but the fire is warm. The air is silent but the speech is always wonderful and tear provoking. As with ceremonies past, this years service was nothing short of memorable.

We had over 30 people attend from scouts, to parents to members of the community. It is always amazing to see how silly and wound up children always become so respectful when it comes to laying the American flag to rest. It stands as a reminder of the American Spirit, to be kind, show respect and give thanks for gratitude.

Being a member of our Cub Scout pack for six years now, I had the privilege of starting over. It was six years ago that I began scouting with my oldest son, Lynden as his Tiger Den Leader. Six years later, I have started over with my son, Ethan who I lead again his Tiger Leader. This year is special because I shared this experience with three of my four children. Lynden is a first year Boy Scout, Ethan is a Tiger Cub and my daughter Ruby is a Daisy Scout. My youngest son, Rylen, may follow his siblings next year and become a Tiger Cub.

Yesterday, I received one of the newspapers that is always welcoming of my works. Upon opening my package and reviewing the paper, I found that one of my photos was selected for printing and ran in this weeks edition. I am very thankful for such kindness, knowing that it does not have to be given!

Live With Passion!!

PG Interview Segment

With a week of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, church and Veterans Day services, it had not been an easy week to sit down and work on interviews. Today, I sat down and did my interview with The Sumner (IL.) Press newspaper and told them the story of my picture book series, ‘Every Road, Every Season’. It turned out to be a great interview and will be released in the papers next issue.

As for my interview with Southern Illinois Family Living, a family situation involving its publisher has set back the release of it Fall Edition. I am confirmed for the issue and am humbled to be in it! I am not for sure when this issue will be on newsstands but I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

I’m exhausted to a certain extent but success does not get placed on your doorstep. I am hoping that before year’s end, my office can be put together and items that are boxed up can be addressed. As for Barney & Lexi, unfortunantly, I have no money right now to enter them into any contest but will work to return them to traveling in 2015!

I have also been asked about sending my ‘Evermore’ pieces in to contests. I will know more later. As for right now, I am so very grateful for your time! Without it, these would just be words, lost in space. As we say goodbye to Wednesday, I wish you a wonderful Thursday and hope you Live With Passion!

Contributing Writer & Publisher’s Guest

It is confirmed, I will be in the Fall Issue of Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine. I received a call from the editor saying that the magazine had a delay to matters beyond their control. You know, when it comes to publishing, things happen!

What came next left me humbled and honored.  An impression was made on the publishers of the magazine and I was asked if I would contribute articles on future events around my area for submission to publish in their publication. One thing that I am always thankful for is the ability to be grateful. It was without hesitation that I accepted and will, in fact, article my six-year-old, Ethan, Cub Scout Flag Retirement Ceremony, taking photos and cover on for the possible Winter Issue.

To say the least I am excited but my night has ended with more to be excited for.

The Sumner (IL.) Press Newspaper, whose editor was the very first to run an interview with me over ten years ago, has asked if I would consider be a guest on the publications “Publisher’s Guest” segment that is ran. Many artists and musicians have been featured and I am thankful to be asked. Again, a quick, “You bet” is replied!

It is never simple to look up and smile, but being thankful has a reward and it is because of that reward, I Live With Passion! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

It’s A Go, And Then Some…

Today, I was contacted by Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine about the delay with publication of their Fall Issue release. In this crazy world of publishing, I am far used to space restriction, deadlines and printing malfunctions but every time a publisher or editor apologizes to me for the situation I am humbled. For every newspaper, magazine or e-zine I am interviewed for, it is I, the author and photographer, who is grateful to be given the time of day in the publishing world and always let another know that it is I who say ‘thank you’.

I will be in the Fall Issue which is in production now and set to hit newsstands!

I was also asked, upon review of the interview, if I would like to contribute an occasional event of interest to the magazine as an article and told that the owners of the magazine would like to meet me at some point in the future. For that, I can not help but smile with gratitude! After dealing with them over the month, I look forward to that meeting as well!

With gratitude comes appreciation!! Live WIth Passion!

Keep The Faith

Yesterday I found out that Hoosier Family Living Magazine had been released. I made arrangements to get a copy with and thoughts of appreciation to make the Fall Edition of the magazine. Unfortunately, I am not in the Fall Edition. If I have learned anything in my writing career, it is that, with publications, there are deadlines and available space. I had hoped that I would be able to see myself in such a great publication but sometimes things just happen, yeah I am used to it in my chosen profession, and I am glad for the times I felt wonderful at the thought of being in the magazine. There is still one more magazine out there that I interviewed with, Southern Illinois Family Living has not been released yet. Sending up a hope and prayer.

Right now, in my life, I cannot focus to write or pursue further attempts at success at this time.

I also apologize for such a lack luster writing as of late. I am saddened that a once strong relationship with a very close family member has deteriorated and has made a difficult time in my life much worse. I will admit to you, my readers, that it has brought me to the point of causing physical issues from the events of this past year. It is with a very tired mind and an exhausted body that I continue to keep the faith.

Take a moment of your day to Live With Passion…