The Vincennes Sun-Commercial


When I completed ‘The Return of Marky, Slash & Levy’ in 2008, The Vincennes Sun-Commercial, from Vincennes, Indiana,  did a wonderful story on my journey to writing Bks 1 & 2. To obtain a copy and find my writing on the cover of the Features section of the Sunday paper, took my breath away. I had been writing for little over two years and just finished BK2 and that was the largest success I had up to that point.

In the time since, I have always held hopes that the popular publication would find my reached goals a reason to cath up once again. After completing Barney & Lexi, Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device and Marky, Slash & Levy: Journey To The Heatseeker, I touched base with the Indiana newspaper, unfortunately, I had no replies. Upon completion of the picture book process I made contact and have not had a response since inquiring after new years.

If I have learned one thing about publications, it is that they each have a barrage of stories to report on and many are not used based on space or time.

I am going to stop with emails and mail a physical letter to the newspaper and ask if they are interested in touching base once again. If they reply that they are, then I am sure another wonderful story will be told, if they reply that the VSC is not interested, I will cease my attempts, knowing that I did my very best and will have no regrets about not trying my hardest.

When you try your best and believe in your dreams, you can hold your head up when you choose a different route to take. You just have to remember to Live With Passion!

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