When it comes to a successful blog, I know that the worst thing a writer can do is go days without doing just that, writing! But to be honest, life gets in the way, ya know!? I remember sitting down to write and I could not wait until midnight to finish a page and let you know about it. However, lately, I have been missing daily posts and I apologize, but this week, life has gotten in the way.

I was found liable for a vehicle wreck that my ex-wife had back in 2012 after my divorce from her. That wreck looks to cost me between eleven and twenty thousand dollars, that will most likely come from my paycheck. The very thought of paying someone the amount of money who has no right to take that from me, leaves my creative drive switched off.

I received a letter from the State of Illinois saying that I was currently behind on child support payments in the amount of four thousand dollars and was instructed to begin paying that immediately. If you have followed long, you know that my children mean the entire world to me! I have made every payment to my sons and because of a new system of calculation, I owe more money.

I was blessed to have a wonderful anonymous friend help repair my Jimmy last week. I can not be more touched at such kindness! Driving it to my ‘paycheck’ job, I worry that it may not last long due to the transmission slipping very badly and will soon be completely out. I hope that it last for a long time to make good on this kind gesture, I would be saddened to see someones kindness be for nothing.

It will also be a while before Barney & Lexi are entered into any further contest. It has been five months since their last entry and looks to not be possible until 2015. 😦

However, this week marks the end of October and in a few short days, the release of Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and Hoosier Family Living Magazine will release their Fall Issues! I am very excited and nervously waiting for their releases to see how the interviews laid out!

Before sitting down to my dinner, I hope you know that even with everything that could be difficult there is usually a silver lining, find it and Live With Passion!

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