Before I head to bed for the night, (Cub Scout Fall Field Day is tomorrow and my wife and I are taking our children) I want to take the time to share two miracles that happen on this day.

Miracle #1 happened when my wife discovered that a medical garnishment that had been taking a portion of her weekly paycheck, was given back to her, allowing her to have a full paycheck for the first time in a long while.

Miracle #2 happened at my ‘paycheck’ job. I answered a telephone call to find a mechanic on the other end, telling me that a friend of mine had offered to pay to have my Jimmy looked at and fixed if possible. The mechanic would not tell me the mystery friends name, leaving me to feel very humbled and grateful at the same time.

Today has taught me that faith and prayer to my God has blessed me greatly and for that I am thankful for the positive afternoon. Whatever your belief have faith and trust that you have the best ahead of you!!

Live With Passion!

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