Down And Out In Beverly Hills

In the event that I have never mentioned the subject to you, I will begin with what happen and go from there.

Two and a half years ago, my ex-wife had a wreck, two weeks after my divorce from her. She was texting while drive home from her work. She did damage to other vehicles and sent a person to the hospital. Upon investigation, my ex-wife did not have insurance on the vehicle.

When my divorce was finalized, I left her the vehicle because her and I share three wonderful sons and they would need a means to travel. In the courtroom, I was ordered by the judge overseeing my divorce, to release and claim to the vehicle that I was giving to my ex-wife. I took my belongings out of the vehicle and signed the title and walked away. Two weeks later, my ex-wife would have the accident and it was later found out that she had not taken the signed title into the drivers branch to have placed into her name, leaving mine on the title to the vehicle.

I have, since then, been in a legal battle with the large insurance company of Hastings Mutual Insurance. I am being sued for between 10 thousand and 20 thousand dollars for my ex-wife’s wreck.

Flash forward, two years and a half years later, I had to take out a loan for a couple of thousand dollars to hire a Chicago based attorney to fight my legal battle in my absence because I live four and a half hours away from Chicago. My attorney has tried to have my case dismissed and has worked on clearing me of this situation for the past month.

Regrettably today, my attorney informed me that the judge was not going to dismiss my case. That will leave me liable for the funds incurred by my ex-wife’s wreck. The law states that Hastings Mutual Insurance can take up to 30% of my paycheck on top of what my sons receive in the form of child support. That would be 55% of my weekly pay that would be gone.

My only hope is that my attorneys request to have my hearing moved to my home county, allowing me to defend myself alone, will be granted. The same judge will have to grant that and I am not at sure it I will be granted that or not. I will not know until December if I will be able to defend myself or not.

Should I lose the good fight, it will almost surely be the short-term death of my writing career. I will not be able to take care of basic needs, therefore, contest fees, editorial fees, illustration fees and anything that will help my books that will cost money will be placed on the chopping block. To think that I have been doing this for over a decade now and no longer be able to afford my dream is heartbreak and upsetting.

I have never asked since I began this blog in 2009, but, can you help me???

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