Gone but not forgotten

108_3828This morning, I climbed into my Jimmy and found it would not start. I then robbed my wonderful wife of her vehicle and went to my ‘paycheck’ job. While on my lunch I returned home to find that it would turn over but make a loud, thumping sound that shook the entire vehicle. After many attempts my Jimmy would not start and the shaking would get worse, so I turned it off. In short, it appears that it may be the end of the line for my Jimmy.

I can’t complain however, out of the 6,224 miles driven on the picture book assignment, my Jimmy helped me cover over 5,000 of those miles. I can remember driving through creek beds in four-wheel-drive and driving through a blizzard in comfort while taking so many shots.

Before I return to work, I can say that I will look into repairs, but for now, it looks like this author is walking to work. Feel free to share one dollar, LOL!


Remember to LIVE WITH PASSION!!!

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