Inspiration, Part Two

This past weekend, my family and I went to my wife’s work for Toyota’s Fall Family Day and in the processes, wore everyone out, including me. We spent almost five hours in the windy afternoon (it started off quite cool) and had an amazing time with balloon characters, pumpkin decorating, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, bounce houses and bungee bouncers. It was a great time.

A great time that would find everyone asleep early and our son, Ethan and I sick at night and throwing up headaches brought on by the all day wind. You ever notice how you feel better afterwords, (we both felt much better)?

It was an inspiring weekend that ended with Sunday Church and has prompted me to list a handful more of some of my favorite sayings. I hope they touch you and help you have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week!!

“We must cultivate our own garden.” -Voltaire-

“We cannot think in one way, and act in another.” -Thomas Troward-

“We accomplish things by directing our desires, not ignoring them.” -Anonymus-

“There is always a way, if, you are committed.” -Anthony Robbins-.

“There is nothing, either good nor bad, but thinking it makes it so.” -William Shakespeare-

“Nothing can resist the human will, that will stake even its own existence on its stated purpose.” -Benjamin Disraeli-


Live With Passion! 🙂

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