On October 10th, 2009, I was sitting at my desk and pondered writing a new thing I had heard about called a blog. It originally began on another blog site before permanently rooting here at WordPress. When I came to WP, I began with not one single view for over a month, then one came, from a family member who was being supportive. Then after several months, I had some of my first readers, you know who you are, you have been here since the beginning and I can not thank you enough for reading about my journey to becoming a published children’s author! You are wonderful!!

I have sat here for close to two hours, watching as the counter stood at 9,998. I checked my email and came back to find that the counter stood at 10,000. Not only did I reach that 10,000 view but I was blessed with a bonus of one to grow on!

This blog began after I completed Bk2 of Marky, Slash & Levy and continued as I wrote daily, Barney & Lexy: Lost In Lawrenceville, Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device, Marky, Slash & Levy & The Strange Sound (my prequel), Marky, Slash & Levy: Search For The Heatseeker, The Boondock Kids and as I went out on every single trek, snapping close to 3,000 photos as I drove 6,224 miles working on the Every Road, Every Season, picture book and now here it stands as my personal reminder of what positive faith and patience can bring and I thank you so very much for giving me that!

And now, as I work towards this very fun interview for to magazines, I look forward to many more posts as I work towards the day I post the words, I Am A Traditionally Published Author! Live With Passion!!

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