Joys Of Life

Well, least night, I made the drive to Danny Kluis’s home to discuss The Trabantian and The Eldenthorn characters The Boondock Kids. I was surprised at just how much that Danny was looking forward to me dropping buy with my sketches. I pulled up the drive and before I reached the end, my friend and designer was coming out the front door with a small, folding chair and met me on his wrap around porch.

We pulled up two chairs and began discussing the two characters right then and there. Danny jumped right into rough sketching and making it look so easy, began to ask me how I wanted the Eldenthorn’s eyes and what I wanted the ears on the Trabantian to look like. He drew rough sketches as if they were nothing. Yes, I admitted to him that I wish I could draw.

With only the faintest of sketches, I am very happy to see what may become with this set of illustrations. After a long sketch session and visit, I made the drive home for a good nights rest.

Before I go to bed tonight, I have to admit that today, while driving down an old two-lane highway, I came across a set of yellow wildflowers. I immediately thought of my loving wife and pulled my vehicle to the side, turned on the hazard lights, and began walking the side of the road, snatching up handfuls of yellow sunshine. I happily brought them home to my wife and made her day! Sometimes, you have to slow down, get out and get with nature to fill a sense of peace and today I did that!

As I lay down tonight, I want to thank you so much for continuing to read and how that as Tuesday comes, you Live WIth Passion!!

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