Next Illustrations To Go

The Next Two Off To Danny Kluis

The Next Two Off To Danny Kluis

With a wonderful, sunny and comfortable Sunday afternoon upon me, I have come to my office and begun sifting through the boxes for illustrations to The Boondock Kids. After some time, I found my drawings and sorted through them. Scratching off the Whimsics and the Articians, I flipped back and forth, partly because I did not know, exactly, which two I wanted to select and because I want the next two picks to be the ones I was most excited to see completed.

I decided on The Trabantians and The Eldenthorns. When it comes to the Trabantians, I want to see how my designer, Danny Kluis, can give them a facial features that are crossed between a rabbit and a mouse and The Eldenthorn has a green, furred face with features of that of a jack-o-lantern. All features that are sure to created a pop for the characters they were written for!

As the night falls, I will make the drive out to Danny Kluis Limited and hand over my proofs and wait for them to be returned as striking and detailed images! Things are really getting exciting around here! As I prepare the illustrations for transport, I hope that your Sunday has been grand and theat Sunday night follows suit! Remember, Live With Passion!

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