Tonight, I took my daughter, Ruby, to the local fair and had an amazing time! It is so much fun to see the enjoyment that my children have when they are having a memorable time, which she was! What began as a simple ride on the fan-favorite, The Scrambler to the classic Big Slide, it was an amazing night to walk with her around the courthouse square and have some father daughter time alone like that!

After a cheeseburger and funnel cake were eaten, we returned home and I worked on excerpts from Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi and The Boondock Kids for my interviews. I am very excited about the pages I have chosen from each book and can’t wait to send them into Southern Illinois Family Living and Hoosier Family living and see the end result. I know it will be fantastic! Now it is time to gather some great photos to add to the packets  and then get it sent off!

Ruby was rather sick last night and I was up with her as she vomited, leaving me with little sleep, so I am off to bed. A heartful good night and great day tomorrow. One eye is closed, therefore it is off to bed. Love each day and Live With Passion!

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