Work The Magic

I took a break from things today and have a big surprise for my wife when she returns home in the morning. I worked very hard and was able to open the remaining boxes in our laundry room, kitchen and pantry, go through them and put things away. I admit that I am kind of excited to hear her reaction tomorrow. A room with absolutely no boxes in them is a great thing! Our new home is beginning to come together now!

My writing room is more or less the same as it has been for the past week, yes there are boxes in here, but I am able to find my rendered attempts at The Boondock Kids character sketches which makes me also, very excited because I have to get a couple more ‘poor boy’ sketches to Danny so he can work his ever-impressive magic on them. By the way, have I ever said that I wish I could draw? Only a dozen times a year, lol!

I am thinking of giving him The Trabantian and The Abyssian, I am not sure however. No matter what characters I decide upon next, I know that Danny Kluis will do an outstanding job! I can not wait for it!

As Thursday is now here, I hope you reach your goals for the day, tackle your doubts and Live With Passion!!

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