Live With Passion!

100_1411Tonight I wrapped up the Q&A section of my interviews and will now begin copying excerpts from Marky, Slash and Levy, Barney & Lexi and The Boondock Kids to be inserted within the interview. As I finished, I began to think about why I live with passion and the truth is…Why Not!!?? You only go around this crazy and, at many times, insane world once through life. I can quote actress Diane Keaton best when she stated “Give it your all, because hey, why not!?”

To live with passion means that I give my writing career the very best that I can offer and that no other opinion (while at times may seem important) matters so very little compared to the passion of the author! Am I any further in my career than I was one decade ago when I first began? Not from a social success viewpoint, but if you ask me, “Do I feel successful?” The answer is “Everyday!”

I know that when a newspaper or magazine asks for an interview, I am humbled and treat it as though it is a rarity, because it truly is! Truthfully, to be given someone else’s time to talk about my time is never a given but an offer, and offer to be appreciated each and every time! And now, to be working with two magazines together, I know that it is the passion that makes it magical!

My blog does not win awards, my manuscripts are not published yet and I may still have a day job but when I lay down every night, I know I am one step closer to supporting my family by doing what I love and loving what I do and it is that drive that helps me to Live With Passion! I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!

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