The End Of A Series

The section of my interview with Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and Hoosier Living Magazine about how Marky, Slash & Levy were completed. I sure do remember putting the words ‘The End’ on Bk4 and realizing that what was to be a one book undertaking became a career and a passion! Marky, Slash & Levy is what started this machine turning and now it was over. All stories come to an end and series must close, but Marky, Slash & Levy will always be a bitter-sweet testament tp my drive and determination. I WILL NOT QUIT!!

I began describing what began the ‘Every Road, Every Season’ picture book series and how I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I began. I can laugh now but back then I was serious about doing the photos justice. Just as Marky, Slash & Levy was only going to be one book and bloomed into a career, so did the picture book go from one trip across Lawrence County, Illinois into thousands of miles driven and four volumes! A reminder that impossible things can happen, because nothing is impossible, it is merely a word often used to avoid trying!

As I go to bed tonight, very tired, I felt very rough this morning, I wish you a wonderful Tuesday and hope you Live With Passion!

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