It Was The Cold House

The Cold House

The Cold House

Halfway through answering questions for my interview now, I came to the point in my writing career when I penned Barney & Lexi and it could not be more perfect timing! As the weather is now turning cooler, I have been thinking about the home that I lived in while writing it. The house had no insulation and when my second son, Ethan, was born, we would not let him on the floor without a handful of blanket for fear of him becoming sick. I nicknamed that little white dwelling, ‘The Cold House’.


Looking back, I have never written in such a cold place before! I wrote Barney & Lexi at my desk which sat next to the dinning room table and in an area that a view outside was not possible. I was so excited to have completed Barney & Lexi and now look back on those moments as ‘life lessons’ and appreciate so very much at how that time help mold me into a stronger writer!

Now, as I lay down in my, not so cold home, I wish you only the very best for a blessed weekend and a great start to your Saturday! Don’t forget to Live With Passion!

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