Continuing further with my interviews, I am finishing up tonight and am taken back by the memories of losing both of my grandfathers while writing Bk1. Then came the discussion about losing my daughter before she was born. You know, before your a parent, you feel for those who never got to see their child grow up. However, once you are a parent, you feel more than you ever thought possible! My daughter would be 8 years old this year and while my heart will forever grieve for her, I smile and rejoice to know that the my day will come to see her!

Tonight, discussing my interview, I look back on this crazy journey called a career and can not believe just how far I have come! Because of faith, friends, great readers like you and life lessons, I have bounced back strong and determined!

I will work more on my interview tomorrow night but before I go, I want to wish you a wonderful Thursday and hope you are given nothing but positive vibe and great relations with others! Thank you so very much for reading over the years!! Live With Passion!

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