A Reflection Interview

As the crickets chirp outside my office window, I continue to work on my interviews for both Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and Hoosier Living Magazine. Now, I have done interviews before and gone through the motions of who I am and where I have come from. However, this interview, my first in my new office, I realize that my life, both personally and prefessionally have gone to the next level and that it is a result of the person I am!

I have been thinking, I’ve slept in my car, realized you don’t join the military just because you are young and searching for yourself, and many other ‘life lessons’. Thinking of where I have come from makes me proud to say that I hung on when things were difficult and gave praise where it was (and is) meant to be given.

With a flood of memories returning to the forefront of my mind, these interviews with two wonderful publications seem to be hitting close to home! I am excited to pour that emotion into these interviews!!

With eyes quickly closing, I wish you a blessed Wednesday and hope you are able to Live With Passion!!

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