Storied In Two Magazines!


Well, I am at work this morning and this particular morning was uncommonly slower than most should be. Being as such, I had decided to grab a push broom and sweep the floor of the hardware store and work an hour off of the shift clock. Half way through my efforts, my cell phone rang!

Now, normally when an unknown telephone number comes across my phone, I never answer it. In some part because I almost always have a recording asking my not to hang up or there is a live person on the other end asking for a person who had my telephone number years ago. This time, however, I answered it!

Southern Illinois Family  Living Magazine

Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine

When I said “Hello”, a very kind woman was on the other end, letting me know that she was a publisher and was interested in my children’s books and the picture book project. Then, she humbled me! This nice lady apologized for not calling me sooner, like she had originally wanted to. Now, being me, I want to make very clear that she had NO reason to ever apologize to me for anything. Do I want my stories out there? Yes! Do I want to get others excited about my books and photos? Yes! However, I call a spade a spade, and in the world of publication, their are deadlines and piles of stories, clamoring for attention and things do not always go as planned, it’s as simple as that! There was no need to apologize because that space was already filled by my appreciation.

I did not admit anything over the telephone but I will note that I was not feeling well last night or this morning, while I was on the phone, I was very congested and exhausted from not being able to sleep. Lol, I must have sounded rather groggy, I honestly do not remember from the congestion and excitement.


Hoosier Family Living Magazine

Hoosier Family Living Magazine

The one downfall of our recent move to our new home is that my entire office is in boxes and the laptop I write to you on is often unable to connect and makes for sending material complicated at best. Never fret though, we are working rapidly towards working on that room and getting that box checked off. The downside was for the reason that I was asked, ever so kindly and with another apology, if I could send material today to met the publication deadline. I was the one who should have been apologizing for having everything in boxes and space limited to send materials right then. When opportunity knocks, I have to be ready.

I am excited to announce that my works will be storied in the Fall Editions of both Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and Hoosier Family Living Magazine! I am looking forward to working with both publications to come up with great material to excite and inspire readers!!


I am reminded everyday that patience and faith is a virtue that can reward you if you give it precious time! With that said, I hope you Live With Passion!      &    

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