Expectation To Appreciation

Well, in 2003 when I first began work on Marky, Slash & Levy, if you had asked that fiery, young writer if he would be in the same career point in 2014 as he was then, he would not have believed it! He would have laughed and continued writing…

Well here it is, 2014, and the same writer is no longer in his early 20’s, but now half way through his 30’s and is for the lack of a more sophisticated term, is in the same boat.

However, he has….

* Six books to his credit, not solely one.

*Won the CRWA ‘Write Stuff’ award for Book 1 of Marky, Slash & Levy.

*Traveled many states.

*Created a blog.

*Taken over 3,000 photos for his picture book series.

*Crossed the U.S. 2 1/2 times taking those photos, all the while, remaining in Lawrence County, Illinois.

*Written over 1,000 pages.

*Gathered amazing illustrations from incredible, unknown designers.

Now to top it off, I gave Bk1 to a gentleman and his wife, that I had mentioned to you last time. The next time, I saw ‘Keith’, he had told me that his wife began reading the story to him as they drove home. He could not believe I had written that and was compelled to tell me that he had no idea why Marky, Slash & Levy was not everywhere, a complement I am so moved over!

Part of being a writer, for me, is knowing someone was so excited over reading an unedited copy of my first children’s book that they would read it all the way home after giving it to them.

In the same boat…far from it!!

The time will come, until then, Live With Passion!!

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