Ready To Go

I got one son through his first meeting of Cub Scouts and my daughter through her first meeting of Girl Scouts, came home and made dinner for four hungry children. I then bathed four kids before laying out their clothes for school picture day tomorrow. I poured apple juice for some to drink and water for others as they headed off to bed and I began to look for pictures for pictures to finish out my interviews.

As I now await a mailing address to send my written segments of this wonderful event, I look forward to how blessed I will be to see it in print! I am so very grateful to Laneal and the rest of the Southern Illinois Family Living and Hoosier Family Living Magazines!

All that remains is to address the package and drop the written segment in the snail mail! As I prepare for this, Let me say thank you so very much for reading! I means the world!!


Live WIth Passion!

Time For New Author Pictures

It has been some time since I had author photographs of myself taken and with the magazine interviews coming out this Fall, I think it is time to get a fresh shot or two. While I personally feel, more times than not, that I do not take the best picture I realize that it hs been some time now since the last shots I had taken.

With tomorrow being a new day, I will ask my wife if she would like to help me with this. I love her dearly and would like to spend some time with such a wonderful person! 🙂 I had plans to clean our sons rooms tonight, however, a film night at our church had me out late with some amazing people. Therefor, I plan on doing that tomorrow afternoon! I wish you a wonderful Saturday Night and a blessed Sunday!


On October 10th, 2009, I was sitting at my desk and pondered writing a new thing I had heard about called a blog. It originally began on another blog site before permanently rooting here at WordPress. When I came to WP, I began with not one single view for over a month, then one came, from a family member who was being supportive. Then after several months, I had some of my first readers, you know who you are, you have been here since the beginning and I can not thank you enough for reading about my journey to becoming a published children’s author! You are wonderful!!

I have sat here for close to two hours, watching as the counter stood at 9,998. I checked my email and came back to find that the counter stood at 10,000. Not only did I reach that 10,000 view but I was blessed with a bonus of one to grow on!

This blog began after I completed Bk2 of Marky, Slash & Levy and continued as I wrote daily, Barney & Lexy: Lost In Lawrenceville, Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device, Marky, Slash & Levy & The Strange Sound (my prequel), Marky, Slash & Levy: Search For The Heatseeker, The Boondock Kids and as I went out on every single trek, snapping close to 3,000 photos as I drove 6,224 miles working on the Every Road, Every Season, picture book and now here it stands as my personal reminder of what positive faith and patience can bring and I thank you so very much for giving me that!

And now, as I work towards this very fun interview for to magazines, I look forward to many more posts as I work towards the day I post the words, I Am A Traditionally Published Author! Live With Passion!!

Interview Ready

I now have my interview for Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and Hoosier Living Magazine complete and printed out! I am very excited for the Fall Issues to be published! Eight pages of the road I have walked from 2003, when I began writing, until 2014 will give many others an enjoyable read, I do hope. 🙂

Now it is time to gather photos and send off the packet to the magazines! Some Fall photos from the picture book project should fit beautifully! As for now, I wish you a good night and a great Wednesday! Live With Passion!

Joys Of Life

Well, least night, I made the drive to Danny Kluis’s home to discuss The Trabantian and The Eldenthorn characters The Boondock Kids. I was surprised at just how much that Danny was looking forward to me dropping buy with my sketches. I pulled up the drive and before I reached the end, my friend and designer was coming out the front door with a small, folding chair and met me on his wrap around porch.

We pulled up two chairs and began discussing the two characters right then and there. Danny jumped right into rough sketching and making it look so easy, began to ask me how I wanted the Eldenthorn’s eyes and what I wanted the ears on the Trabantian to look like. He drew rough sketches as if they were nothing. Yes, I admitted to him that I wish I could draw.

With only the faintest of sketches, I am very happy to see what may become with this set of illustrations. After a long sketch session and visit, I made the drive home for a good nights rest.

Before I go to bed tonight, I have to admit that today, while driving down an old two-lane highway, I came across a set of yellow wildflowers. I immediately thought of my loving wife and pulled my vehicle to the side, turned on the hazard lights, and began walking the side of the road, snatching up handfuls of yellow sunshine. I happily brought them home to my wife and made her day! Sometimes, you have to slow down, get out and get with nature to fill a sense of peace and today I did that!

As I lay down tonight, I want to thank you so much for continuing to read and how that as Tuesday comes, you Live WIth Passion!!

Next Illustrations To Go

The Next Two Off To Danny Kluis

The Next Two Off To Danny Kluis

With a wonderful, sunny and comfortable Sunday afternoon upon me, I have come to my office and begun sifting through the boxes for illustrations to The Boondock Kids. After some time, I found my drawings and sorted through them. Scratching off the Whimsics and the Articians, I flipped back and forth, partly because I did not know, exactly, which two I wanted to select and because I want the next two picks to be the ones I was most excited to see completed.

I decided on The Trabantians and The Eldenthorns. When it comes to the Trabantians, I want to see how my designer, Danny Kluis, can give them a facial features that are crossed between a rabbit and a mouse and The Eldenthorn has a green, furred face with features of that of a jack-o-lantern. All features that are sure to created a pop for the characters they were written for!

As the night falls, I will make the drive out to Danny Kluis Limited and hand over my proofs and wait for them to be returned as striking and detailed images! Things are really getting exciting around here! As I prepare the illustrations for transport, I hope that your Sunday has been grand and theat Sunday night follows suit! Remember, Live With Passion!


Tonight, I took my daughter, Ruby, to the local fair and had an amazing time! It is so much fun to see the enjoyment that my children have when they are having a memorable time, which she was! What began as a simple ride on the fan-favorite, The Scrambler to the classic Big Slide, it was an amazing night to walk with her around the courthouse square and have some father daughter time alone like that!

After a cheeseburger and funnel cake were eaten, we returned home and I worked on excerpts from Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi and The Boondock Kids for my interviews. I am very excited about the pages I have chosen from each book and can’t wait to send them into Southern Illinois Family Living and Hoosier Family living and see the end result. I know it will be fantastic! Now it is time to gather some great photos to add to the packets  and then get it sent off!

Ruby was rather sick last night and I was up with her as she vomited, leaving me with little sleep, so I am off to bed. A heartful good night and great day tomorrow. One eye is closed, therefore it is off to bed. Love each day and Live With Passion!

Work The Magic

I took a break from things today and have a big surprise for my wife when she returns home in the morning. I worked very hard and was able to open the remaining boxes in our laundry room, kitchen and pantry, go through them and put things away. I admit that I am kind of excited to hear her reaction tomorrow. A room with absolutely no boxes in them is a great thing! Our new home is beginning to come together now!

My writing room is more or less the same as it has been for the past week, yes there are boxes in here, but I am able to find my rendered attempts at The Boondock Kids character sketches which makes me also, very excited because I have to get a couple more ‘poor boy’ sketches to Danny so he can work his ever-impressive magic on them. By the way, have I ever said that I wish I could draw? Only a dozen times a year, lol!

I am thinking of giving him The Trabantian and The Abyssian, I am not sure however. No matter what characters I decide upon next, I know that Danny Kluis will do an outstanding job! I can not wait for it!

As Thursday is now here, I hope you reach your goals for the day, tackle your doubts and Live With Passion!!