Kind Gesture


Today at my ‘paycheck’ job, a man that I have gotten to know some over the years came into work with his girlfriend, whom I had not met, he began to tell her about how I wrote books for children. The subject continued as I rang up his order at the back counter. He then asked, “You’ve written how many books?” I replied, “Five and am working on my sixth, also I have taken thousands of photographs for a four book series of pictures.”

Keith (the kind and funny gentleman) looked me dead in the eyes with a straight face and made the statement, “YOUR THAT TALANTED AND HAVE SO MUCH GOING FOR YOU, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU STILL WORKING AT THE HARDWARE STORE!?”

To be honest, NO ONE has ever approached me with such a straight forward statement before.

I then explained how my first two novels (M,S&L Bk1 & Bk2) where published once but that I had found out that my publisher was making a couple thousand dollars and only sending me royalty check for $40.00 dollars every three months. I bought my rights back out once my contract was completed.

He then smiled and said, “When do I get to read a book?”

I had told him that while writing material was currently boxed up thanks to the remodel, but, once I found the copies I had for myself, I would let him read my work.

His reply, “Cause I know lots of people and with a drive like yours, your work deserves to be out there for others.”

That moment I felt an honest caring that warmed my heart and made me smile. You know, when others go out of their way to help someone else, that is a wonderful gift! Whether Keith can or can’t help, it means so very much to me to hear his positive words and kind gesture! I encourage you to help someone else and Live With Passion!

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