Whimsic Reborn

The Whimsic

The Whimsic


My PC sits in the corner of my front porch, surrounded by power tools, an old piano that was left behind in our new home, unable to be used. My notes and illustrations are in one of the multitude of boxes that remain unopened on the opposite side of the porch. My bulletin board has become Smokey’s (the cat) favorite place to lay during the day. My desk chair is the home of boxes and items begging to be hung on the wall or put in it’s place. It has been almost three months since I have written and I feel as though my creativity has been housed inside the explosion of moving materials and housewares.

I have to be honest, it is both tiresome and rewarding to be living in our new home. For many weeks now, my night have been filled with midnight or 1 a.m. telling me that I have to get up in a couple of hours to return to my ‘paycheck’ job. With the last room needing merely one more coat on the walls and trim and the carpets to be cleaned, the largest effort will be left behind.

The hardest part about writing, for me that is, is to be able to sit down, in the appropriate environment and set ideas to paper. I write tonight, from my wonderful wife’s laptop, on a small area of the kitchen table that I was able to clear off, as it too is covered with items, begging to be put away. All in good time I believe.

The one very important note that I carry away from this large scale project that we have undertaken is, the fact that it is much more difficult to tell everything out and go from there, then it is to go one room at a time. Especially when you spent a great deal of money and do the work yourselves.

Today, a sense of creative progress came to me, via Danny, my designer! He wrapped a black and white of The Whimsic, and I am completely impressed about how he can take my poor man scratching and turn it into a piece of art! I love to get a new sketch and be reminded that I am on step closer to having my work see the light of day!! I am grateful for every opportunity and the excitement that comes from doing what I love!

I regret that this is my first letter to you in some time. Let me know what you think about what I have done thus far. Good or bad, after some time away from my desk, I look forward to some correspondence!

As I close early, I wish you a wonderful Thursday and hope you Live With Passion!!


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