Kind Gesture


Today at my ‘paycheck’ job, a man that I have gotten to know some over the years came into work with his girlfriend, whom I had not met, he began to tell her about how I wrote books for children. The subject continued as I rang up his order at the back counter. He then asked, “You’ve written how many books?” I replied, “Five and am working on my sixth, also I have taken thousands of photographs for a four book series of pictures.”

Keith (the kind and funny gentleman) looked me dead in the eyes with a straight face and made the statement, “YOUR THAT TALANTED AND HAVE SO MUCH GOING FOR YOU, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU STILL WORKING AT THE HARDWARE STORE!?”

To be honest, NO ONE has ever approached me with such a straight forward statement before.

I then explained how my first two novels (M,S&L Bk1 & Bk2) where published once but that I had found out that my publisher was making a couple thousand dollars and only sending me royalty check for $40.00 dollars every three months. I bought my rights back out once my contract was completed.

He then smiled and said, “When do I get to read a book?”

I had told him that while writing material was currently boxed up thanks to the remodel, but, once I found the copies I had for myself, I would let him read my work.

His reply, “Cause I know lots of people and with a drive like yours, your work deserves to be out there for others.”

That moment I felt an honest caring that warmed my heart and made me smile. You know, when others go out of their way to help someone else, that is a wonderful gift! Whether Keith can or can’t help, it means so very much to me to hear his positive words and kind gesture! I encourage you to help someone else and Live With Passion!


2003 and my oldest son, Lynden, was born. That’s how the whole thing began. I was up late at night, walking the house with a (now 11 year old) in my arms and learning to live with little sleep. It was then that I began staying up when Lynden would fall back to sleep and penning Marky, Slash & Levy Bk1. I could not wait for the next day to come and, once evening, sit down and write another page, or two out. That gave way to 5 completed books and a 6th in works.

2014 and for the past three months, not one word written, not a page, not a period. My paycheck jobs calls my name for 50 hours a week and then it has been a homecoming to a paintbrush and hammer until midnight. It wears on couple, who are learning to live together and raise a family of different personalities. Both wanting our new home to be finished but yet, at times, to exhausted to pick up that brush or swing that hammer. When I look on our front porch, I see boxes of notes and drawings asking to be opened and yet they sit.

Now the important part!

Ask me if I would trade any of it! No, will be the only answer you will ever hear from me. Tired, yes I am tired, so tired that on a single solitary day and night that my wife and I have with no children at home, I fall asleep on the couch for six hours, during the daytime. Do I miss writing, YES! I miss it so much that I feel as though things are slipping by and everything hangs in the balance. I think about how my designer Danny, needs the next set of drawings to begin on and how they are boxed away on the confines of our front porch. But yet, it will be done and it will look great!

On the road to success it is important to me not to ignore the success that happens every day in my life as a writer, a father and a husband! You see when you are building a foundation of love and hope, everything else will fall into place once that foundation is complete. Three months of no writing may drive me insane, but with my God willing, a writing career does await and Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi and The Boondock Kids will reach shelves across this nation and I will give my credit and praise up to my God! Patience is a virtue and must not be misused and it is for that reason, that while I miss my writing very much, I put my nose back to the wall and keep that brush moving. Almost there, just keeping it real and keeping it strong!

The word Maverick means, nonconformist. A term I hold very dear, for I will do this on my own, with the help of God, and I shall see my labor reached in time, I will however, conform to no critique, no review and no rejection. I will Live With Passion!

Until next time,

L.B. Fox

Whimsic Reborn

The Whimsic

The Whimsic


My PC sits in the corner of my front porch, surrounded by power tools, an old piano that was left behind in our new home, unable to be used. My notes and illustrations are in one of the multitude of boxes that remain unopened on the opposite side of the porch. My bulletin board has become Smokey’s (the cat) favorite place to lay during the day. My desk chair is the home of boxes and items begging to be hung on the wall or put in it’s place. It has been almost three months since I have written and I feel as though my creativity has been housed inside the explosion of moving materials and housewares.

I have to be honest, it is both tiresome and rewarding to be living in our new home. For many weeks now, my night have been filled with midnight or 1 a.m. telling me that I have to get up in a couple of hours to return to my ‘paycheck’ job. With the last room needing merely one more coat on the walls and trim and the carpets to be cleaned, the largest effort will be left behind.

The hardest part about writing, for me that is, is to be able to sit down, in the appropriate environment and set ideas to paper. I write tonight, from my wonderful wife’s laptop, on a small area of the kitchen table that I was able to clear off, as it too is covered with items, begging to be put away. All in good time I believe.

The one very important note that I carry away from this large scale project that we have undertaken is, the fact that it is much more difficult to tell everything out and go from there, then it is to go one room at a time. Especially when you spent a great deal of money and do the work yourselves.

Today, a sense of creative progress came to me, via Danny, my designer! He wrapped a black and white of The Whimsic, and I am completely impressed about how he can take my poor man scratching and turn it into a piece of art! I love to get a new sketch and be reminded that I am on step closer to having my work see the light of day!! I am grateful for every opportunity and the excitement that comes from doing what I love!

I regret that this is my first letter to you in some time. Let me know what you think about what I have done thus far. Good or bad, after some time away from my desk, I look forward to some correspondence!

As I close early, I wish you a wonderful Thursday and hope you Live With Passion!!