Artician Brought To Life (From My Scratches)

Second rendering of The Articians by Danny Kluis.

Second rendering of The Articians by Danny Kluis.

When you begin remodeling a large home and tear everything out of every room and begin starting over from scratch, try to remember, you will have days that you become overwhelmed with the disaster! My wife, Marcey and I have found that out via, the hard way.

We bought our new home, which is right next door to my current one, (alright, so we bought it also). What we did not know was exactly how we would feel once the house was stripped down and we began rebuilding everything in every room. Even now, a month later, we both still feel overwhelmed but are beginning to see the end of the line. As the plumbing is nearing completion and the paint is covering the walls, the final touch is within sight.

I will show pictures once the home is finished!!

Tonight however, I did not work on our new home at all! Laying tile in the laundry room last night, I became sick and cut my night short, only to awaken this morning with a very upset stomach. I called in to my ‘paycheck’ job and went back to sleep for the entire day. Part stress of remodeling a home and part bad service station pizza I had eaten before laying tile. LOL!

It was during my sleep that my designer, Danny Kluis, shot me a text of The Articians! I always get chills when I see his work and to say that I got goosebumps when I woke to his rendering was an understatement! I enjoy seeing the images in my mind come to life on paper and Danny does just that, brings them to life!

With my home repairs, I am cut so very short on time to write and post. I regret is terribly and must apologize for to being here. It means the world to me that you take the time to spend with me!! Danny is working on sketching out the Whimsic and I will post as soon as he gives me a sneak peek! Until then, thank you so much for being here and Live With Passion!!