The Boondock Kids Characters To Get A Professional Touch!!

The Boondock Kids -To Be Colored-

The Boondock Kids -To Be Colored-

Well,today began as a typical Thursday, lots of work awaiting me at my ‘paycheck’ job and a fast pace that made the a.m. fly, literary, by. The afternoon slowed to a crawl and some ‘much needed’ things got finished. After work, I enjoyed a wonderfully cool evening with Ethan & Rylen on the T-ball field, a Thursday night T-ball game with my to youngest sons was exactly what the doctor ordered! I am so very thankful to have four wonderful children! All of whom are now out of school for the summertime! LOL.

I am also thankful to be pushing ahead on The Boondock Kids! After a couple of weeks of discussion, my designer, Danny Kluis and I are beginning work on bringing the characters of TBK to real life, beyond my poor chicken scratch of drawings. Lol, I honestly make a stick figure look really rough! When each character is finished, they will be given a more 3-D colored image rather than a one dimensional pencil drawing. I am excited to post these as they are finished! Tomorrow, I make the drive to his studio with the first drawing. I can’t decide either to begin with an Artician or a Whimsic!?

After I move into my new home and have my wedding, I will sit back down at my desk and resume writing on TBK!!

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