Lydian Fairies

Is it not wonderful how a rough week can begin and continue but in the end, became a beautiful memory? With Mother’s Day ending a tough week out on a splendid note, I can not help but smile and be ever so grateful! My fiance and I are moving into a larger home for our family and my own family is becoming even closer which is wonderful and I thank my God for that!

Tonight it continued, when my oldest son, Lynden had an amazing band concert at his school! I can not play an instrument, so I admire his ability to play after only 9 months! He and his classmates performed amazingly and gave a great show!

The wedding is drawing near and I am excited!

Tonight I sat down and though about Lydian Fairies from the Misty Claw Hollow! I am looking forward to my designer Danny Kluis to draw this character up. Still can for sure decide if they are good, bad or neutral? Thoughts????

Lydian Fairy

Lydian Fairy

Lydian Fairy

*Fairies with magical powers.
*Couple of inches tall.
*Some are kind and some are not so kind.
*Long silver hair.
*Live within the Misty Claw Hollow.
*Can put you to sleep with a wave of their wand.

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