Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything that could go emotionally wrong does!? That has been the very best way to describe the week I reside in. Stresses everywhere, hey, we all have them! Between working 50 hours a week at my ‘paycheck job, finishing up Cub Scouts for the season, helping coach two baseball teams, dividing my time between two churches, working on a wedding, working on buying a home (or three for that matter), seeing my sons, visiting with my soon-to-be daughter, spending time with my wife-to-be, mowing my brothers 8 acre ranch and detailing cars for extra money, I have found myself emotionally tapped out the past two weeks. Add in baseball opening day this past Saturday (an all day event) and I am pushed to the limit.

To push me over the line, this week involves May 7th. For me that is a rather sad period in my year. It marks a birthday for a daughter that I will never get to hold in my arms and miss everyday of my life! This year would be her 8th birthday and I have found myself wondering all day long as to who she would be at 8 years old? I don’t often understand why her little heart stopped beating but I believe that my God had a reason for it and that when my own time comes, I will get to see her for as long as forever and that gives my great comfort!

“I love you lots & lots sweetheart!”

So as I sit here tonight, I have thought about my stresses and understand that I am worrying about things that I have absolutely no control over! That kind of stress is the worst to have,the unneccessary kind! To get my mind off of things, I sat down and created the Pladonerons, who live in the sandy beach peninsula of The Sands of Mistenmare! Here it is, 1 a.m. and I happy to say that I am closing in on character development!

Before I hit the hay, I want to offer a suggestion. Change what you can, except what you can’t. Dream and dream often! Make your time count but remember that you can’t be everywhere at once! Make memories and make them as often as possible! and last but certainly not least, Live With Passion!




*Platipuss like character who lives in The Sands of Mistenmare.
*Stands about 2 feet tall.
*Grunts but does not speak.
*Can dig faster than any other creature on Spyderia.
*Friendly civilization.
*Can bury themselves in the sand in the blink of an eye.

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