The Boondock Kids Characters To Get A Professional Touch!!

The Boondock Kids -To Be Colored-

The Boondock Kids -To Be Colored-

Well,today began as a typical Thursday, lots of work awaiting me at my ‘paycheck’ job and a fast pace that made the a.m. fly, literary, by. The afternoon slowed to a crawl and some ‘much needed’ things got finished. After work, I enjoyed a wonderfully cool evening with Ethan & Rylen on the T-ball field, a Thursday night T-ball game with my to youngest sons was exactly what the doctor ordered! I am so very thankful to have four wonderful children! All of whom are now out of school for the summertime! LOL.

I am also thankful to be pushing ahead on The Boondock Kids! After a couple of weeks of discussion, my designer, Danny Kluis and I are beginning work on bringing the characters of TBK to real life, beyond my poor chicken scratch of drawings. Lol, I honestly make a stick figure look really rough! When each character is finished, they will be given a more 3-D colored image rather than a one dimensional pencil drawing. I am excited to post these as they are finished! Tomorrow, I make the drive to his studio with the first drawing. I can’t decide either to begin with an Artician or a Whimsic!?

After I move into my new home and have my wedding, I will sit back down at my desk and resume writing on TBK!!



I have to admit that I am very excited! I will be getting married within the month and am preparing to begin work on our new home to update and remodel it. Today I purchased a ton of paint and as soon as we are able to get in, the race will be on!

The only setback to this excitement is the lack of concentration I have had to focus on my final character for The Boondock Kids! I find myself upset, sometimes, that I can not focus but that is how my writing has been since 2003, if I can’t focus then I don;t force it simply because it will not be written and I will end up doing the entire mistake over again.

I have many things to look forward with my writing, I just have to get this nose to the grind stone and keep pressing!

I hope you work hard to Live With Passion!!

A Great Day To Be Alive

Barney & Lexi: On Their Way To Vermont.

Barney & Lexi: On Their Way To Vermont.

I’m sitting here thinking about how I have been blogging for a handful of years now and I have been giving myself a good talking to today. For a good while now, I have only had the focus to write a handful of days out of an entire month and that simply goes against everything I am as a writer, a father and as a person.

I have unwittingly allowed myself to fall prey to the stresses of everyday life. Human, I know, but none the less, I have become worn down due to it. The truth is, we all have stress! We do! How I have handled mine lately has helped me understand that I want more in my life than I am getting and that is because I am not giving as much as I want back from it.

So much happens everyday in the life of this children’s writer that I have, on more than a couple of occasions, been told that I should write a book on that alone. Well, a memoir, perhaps when I am much older, but for now, I will remain diligent to the task at hand and that is to get Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexy and The Boondock Kids into print and into the hands of wonderful, young readers!

I’m getting married, did I ever tell you that? Yes, on June 14th, I will marry a young woman who inspires me to reach for my dreams and count the stars. Not bad at all if I do say so myself! I am moving into a larger home and gaining amenities that will make my life far more simple…a washer and dryer of my own! LOL!

I am blessed to be working with Danny Kluis, my amazing designer. He is preparing to take my very poor (yes, poor) sketches of The Boondock Kids characters and give them an illustrator’s touch. I am so very grateful for his artistic view and collaboration! Not only are we going to breath artistic life into TBK characters, we will then go back to the beginning and work on Marky, Slash & Levy. I look forward to sharing those with you and hearing your thoughts!

As for good ole’ Barney and Lexi, I am sending them off to The Vermont College of Fine Arts to see if the can wrap a prize contest. Wish them luck! I am almost ready to go on Imaginary Fox logo decals and clings, they will look great!

After a day of work and little league baseball it is now 1:05 a.m. and I have to head to my ‘paycheck’ job in six hours for five hours of work, therefore, I wish you a great Saturday and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Live With Passion!!

Lydian Fairies

Is it not wonderful how a rough week can begin and continue but in the end, became a beautiful memory? With Mother’s Day ending a tough week out on a splendid note, I can not help but smile and be ever so grateful! My fiance and I are moving into a larger home for our family and my own family is becoming even closer which is wonderful and I thank my God for that!

Tonight it continued, when my oldest son, Lynden had an amazing band concert at his school! I can not play an instrument, so I admire his ability to play after only 9 months! He and his classmates performed amazingly and gave a great show!

The wedding is drawing near and I am excited!

Tonight I sat down and though about Lydian Fairies from the Misty Claw Hollow! I am looking forward to my designer Danny Kluis to draw this character up. Still can for sure decide if they are good, bad or neutral? Thoughts????

Lydian Fairy

Lydian Fairy

Lydian Fairy

*Fairies with magical powers.
*Couple of inches tall.
*Some are kind and some are not so kind.
*Long silver hair.
*Live within the Misty Claw Hollow.
*Can put you to sleep with a wave of their wand.


Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything that could go emotionally wrong does!? That has been the very best way to describe the week I reside in. Stresses everywhere, hey, we all have them! Between working 50 hours a week at my ‘paycheck job, finishing up Cub Scouts for the season, helping coach two baseball teams, dividing my time between two churches, working on a wedding, working on buying a home (or three for that matter), seeing my sons, visiting with my soon-to-be daughter, spending time with my wife-to-be, mowing my brothers 8 acre ranch and detailing cars for extra money, I have found myself emotionally tapped out the past two weeks. Add in baseball opening day this past Saturday (an all day event) and I am pushed to the limit.

To push me over the line, this week involves May 7th. For me that is a rather sad period in my year. It marks a birthday for a daughter that I will never get to hold in my arms and miss everyday of my life! This year would be her 8th birthday and I have found myself wondering all day long as to who she would be at 8 years old? I don’t often understand why her little heart stopped beating but I believe that my God had a reason for it and that when my own time comes, I will get to see her for as long as forever and that gives my great comfort!

“I love you lots & lots sweetheart!”

So as I sit here tonight, I have thought about my stresses and understand that I am worrying about things that I have absolutely no control over! That kind of stress is the worst to have,the unneccessary kind! To get my mind off of things, I sat down and created the Pladonerons, who live in the sandy beach peninsula of The Sands of Mistenmare! Here it is, 1 a.m. and I happy to say that I am closing in on character development!

Before I hit the hay, I want to offer a suggestion. Change what you can, except what you can’t. Dream and dream often! Make your time count but remember that you can’t be everywhere at once! Make memories and make them as often as possible! and last but certainly not least, Live With Passion!




*Platipuss like character who lives in The Sands of Mistenmare.
*Stands about 2 feet tall.
*Grunts but does not speak.
*Can dig faster than any other creature on Spyderia.
*Friendly civilization.
*Can bury themselves in the sand in the blink of an eye.

Crossing The Pond

Bridport Arts Centre Prize

Bridport Arts Centre Prize

Are you ever glad when the work week is over and you can say goodbye to your ‘paycheck’ job for at least a day or two? After this week, I welcome the weekend with open arms, and for good reason!

Saturday marks the opening day for our local baseball season and the first time that all three of my sons will be playing! I love all of my kids and look forward with the hope that my daughter will want to play next year! (Although if she chooses not to, this dad will respect her wishes.)

Another excitement that I have right now is the fact that, for the first time, Barney & Lexi are crossing the pond! Bridport, Dorset, England to be correct. They have never traveled so far for a contest or press before and I want to wish them the best of luck. Also, a little prayer for Barney, who tends to get wheezy upon flight, Lol.

I have to be honest, they are entering into a 5,000 word contest and garner 7,500 words to their story, a bit more and might not let them into the contest, but you know, if they don’t try they will never know! Wish them luck on their journey!
I wish you nothing but the best of wishes and thank you so very much for continuing to read!

Live With Passion!