The other day, I came through a small town in southern Illinois called Troy. Nice little homes and businesses on every corner. One in particular caught my eye, a quaint little craft store that I must take Marcey to some time fairly soon. She loves crafts and would probably buy the store out if possible. Being that she is from a much larger town, with many chain craft stores to choose from, I reckon she will enjoy a small yet inviting change of experience!

As I cam around the corner of a block, I saw an old brick building that, if could talk, would have many stories to tell of time past! I love old-time buildings, they have a ton of character and class! This particular building was home to the local newspaper: The Troy Times-Tribune. I instantly feel for the charm of a newspaper holding up shop in, what I assume, is a historic structure to the small town. I immediately thought of Sumner, Illinois and The Sumner Press, which also runs its publication out of a historic building on the small towns main strip.

With that thought in my mind as I was driving, I returned home, some hours later, and made the decision to take a chance and write to The Times-Tribune. Being hours away from this publication, I knew that the possibility of interest in the picture book project might be slim. Then, good ole positive affirmation sank in! I asked myself, how many others have gone out and driven over 6,000 miles in their home county to take pictures through all four season? My answer, none to my knowledge, at least that my small town circle knows.

I wrote the newspaper, telling them about the events leading up to the picture book and then waited. It was not a single day later that, Mr. Rensberry, Editor, returned my reply. He thanked me for driving through Troy and had told me that although they were a small press that dealt mainly with local news, since I took the time to drive through and discover Troy, he thought my picture book event sounded interesting!

See, even if you think it may not work out, give it a shot!!

Now, as for tonight, I sat down at my desk and gave life to a character that has had a name for over a month now, The Articians. For over four weeks now, I have thrown ideas around in my head but to no avail. Then, tonight, as I sat here with the sound of a fish tank bubbling in the background, I found what I was looking for.

The Ariticians are wizard warriors who defend their homeland of Wistenbrook. While they do not open seek conflict, if you cross lines into Wistenbrook, you had better be able to defend yourself because they to not take to trespassers!

Live With Passion!




*Live in the snow cover lands of Wistenbrook.
*Enemy of The Grindlebacks of Shacklemare Cliffs.
*6 feet tall.
*Skilled wizards and warriors.
*Can move through the snow with great stealth.
*Wear large, thick coats with hoods that hide their faces.

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