Blank Slate Press

Blank Slate Press

Blank Slate Press

Did you know that the beloved Colonel Sanders tried 1,000 times and failed!? It’s true! He marketed his own personal brand of chicken to over 1,000 marketers in his life. It was only after that, he discovered one who took a chance in this crazy southerner and the rest is original recipe history!

I have always dared myself in my writing. Be raw at times, write from the heart and never be afraid to send a story to an agent or publisher whom you know will surely turn your work down. For me it builds my character! Yeah, Think about it, how can you be heard if your never seen?! I have had great reviews and I have been torn to shreds by the literary world and yet to the mattresses we go again!

Why keep doing things like this? It keeps my uncontrollably humble! I enjoy appreciating what I have and what I want out of my life! When I get that envelope in the mail telling me that a story has been ‘rejected’ I smile, yep, you heard read it right! I smile! Why do that? Well, you never know, that’s why! That one chance could be the deal maker, besides, if you don’t try, you always know what the result will be for sure, NOTHING!

Now, Barney & Lexi, being the troopers that they are, are off again! I came across a small and inviting printing-house called Blank Slate Press that caught my attention and has me thinking, why not right?! While my word is just below the age of what they are really looking for, it is worth the chance vs. NOTHING!

Click on the picture and check them out for yourself. I like giving props, even if a publisher passes, humble keeps it real! So, for the night, I want to take a moment to wish you a great day ahead and hope that you never lose sight of your prize!! Remember, Live With Passion!

P.S. I really need to work on Character Development! Lol.

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