What a beautiful day! I mean really, not too hot, not to cold, just the right temperature and sunshine, I Love Sunshine!!

It is because of this because of this wonderful weather, I was able to leave my ‘paycheck’ job and head towards the local park for an hour and half of baseball practice! I love time with my children, at an age where they make the most memories that will follow them forever, I want to jump into every opportunity and remind them that ‘Dad will always be there’!

What a start to my Spring! There is a week and a half left of Cub Scouts, I am sending four into Boy Scouts(one of them, my oldest son, Lynden), I am helping coach a Little League baseball team with Lynden and a T-ball team, with my younger sons; Ethan and Rylen. I currently work 50 hours a week at my ‘paycheck job’, I am looking into publishing the picture book, continuing work on The Boondock Kids, preparing for my wedding in June, preparing to move into a larger home in June, looking to change ‘paycheck’ jobs, sending out Barney & Lexi and doing interviews with publications. You know, I LOVE IT! Why, because it reminds me that I am alive!

I decided tonight to sit down and create The Tussels, a small squirrel civilization that reside in The Misty Mountains. While I am very lacking as an illustrator, I think these fellas will look great in their old fashion miners hard hats with a light on them! Funny what makes writer tick, right? Lol.


* Squirrel-like creatures.
* Stand one foot tall.
* The fastest diggers in Spyderia.
* Many wear a hard hat with a single lamp on it to light their cave as they dig.
* Become very good friends to The Boondock Kids.
* Speak a language that is not understandable. A squeaking tone that only The Boondock Kids can hear after drinking ‘Misty Muck’.
* Pointed wings allow them to scale steep mountainside to dig caverns.

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