Although it was a cool day outside, nothing was going to interrupt todays events that were planned! Today was t-ball practice and I love being a large part of my children’s activities, therefore, I spent my time immediately following completion of my ‘paycheck’ job, at the park with my sons team for a little practice.

It was also church night in the Fox house! The practice let out with just enough time to spare that we were able to enter the church just as things had begun. I am seldom late but tonight, that was pushing the bar slightly, lol. After church, I took my sons home to their grandparents house for a sleep over. I would imagine that they are having the time of their lives!

Tonight, after church, I found myself beginning with working on a new character. I will soon have characters for every single territory in Spyderia! Then, I will begin proceeding forward! That character is The Zephyrwhisk from the land of Hysteria.


* 9 foot tall figures, composed of whiling air that make up its being and armor.
* Not know if Zephyrwisk has any sort of real body to begin with!
*Can create thunderbolts and shoot them with pinpoint accuracy.
*From the land of Hysteria.
*No allies but can be bought off with coins.
*Able to create and shoot lightning bolts.
*Very seldom attacks others, but is very defensive of those who enter Hysteria with no prior warning.

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