Always An Honor

As a writer, I always work to get my stories out and into the world. Sometimes this is an easy task, and sometimes it can be rather daunting. However, when I give an interview with a newspaper or magazine, I feel blessed. You see a publication has but one purpose, PRINT TO BE READ! The question, then is, “How to attract those readers?” With limited space and many topics clamoring to be placed, publications must choose which topics are going to garner readers and which ones are not.

I am always excited when I give an interview! Whether it is a larger newspaper or magazine or a wonderful small press who has a devote readership! When I am interviewed, I always remember one simple thing: “The person talking with me does not have to be there, they don’t have to be interested and they certainly do not have to, for any reason, put my stories into their publication!”

I have given interviews that were lengthy in detail and excitement and once published, end up as a small section in the center of the magazine, while some are rather short and seem somewhat routine and find a way on the front page cover! These are all the same though, because I remember my simple saying. From the smallest article to the largest feature, it is all brought to life by those who don’t have to care but see it to be worth bringing to light.

I keep almost all of my interviews in a cabinet, I have been keeping them since 2006 and sometimes, I enjoy getting many of them out and taking a glance at memory lane. To see where you want to go, you need to be proud of what got you here from the past! The achievements of the past keep me humble and help me appreciate every person who takes time out of their own life to ask me about mine!

Into my sixth book and some couple of thousand photos later, I can not help but look back at those who have entrusted their time to me and realize that every interview could lead to that ‘Big One’ that gets Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi, The Boondock Kids and my 6,000+ miles of pictures into the eyes and hands of many readers! Humbled however, each interview is a ‘Big One’ to me!!

Live With Passion!

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