Do you ever have a great day or weekend? You know, one where all of the stress of the daily grind fails to enter your life?!

This past weekend, from Friday night until today, I have had one wonderful memory after another! It all began as I picked my wonderful sons up for a weekend, out-of-town. We traveled to Evansville, Indiana for rest and prep for our busy weekend. I, my Fiance’, Daughter and two of my three sons (my youngest had a great day with his grandma) left Evansville and made the two hours trip to Marengo, Indiana and the Marengo Caves National Park, where we embarked on a wonderful, two-hour, cave expedition! We had traveled with the Cub Scout Webelos that I help lead and had a great time! Watching my children smile and get excited in the caves is what makes my job as a father so rewarding!!

My youngest son, went to the local children’s museum and had a fun day with my mother, the museum had so much to offer and I thank my God for the day he was given to spend with her!!

Outside of Evansville, we met up with her and got him and made our way back to Illinois, where they children laughed and played in the back yard, until dark. I know I have said I am glad to see winter go, but this time I was more serious than ever! Hearing two boys (now my oldest son spent the night with a friend from scouts) and a girl laugh and have fun, while I washed our car from the days adventure made me so very thankful to be alive and blessed for all that I have!

Sunday brought a wonderful morning of church, followed by a great cookout with some dear friends! There is nothing like sitting around enjoying others company while all of our children play outside and make positive memories of their own. The kids played there hearts in the back yard and the food, well, for a writer who lives off of microwaved meals, was as welcomed as water would be from a suffering fish, lol!

Sitting in the sun, I closed my eyes and simply appreciated the time and the moment! There is nothing like the feel of pure sunlight hitting your body and soul and seemingly, recharging your batteries! Lol, I know understand why cats love it so much!

Even though I took my sons back to their mother afterwards, not even that moment could cheapen my memories made. I returned to Evansville and spent the evening with my fiance’ and daughter before returning home today. Now, here we are at 11p.m. and I have given Kelmare (the creature that befriends Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena in ‘The Boondock Kids’) a visual life and a creature name. I have decided upon calling Kelmare a ‘Eldenthorn’ being that he, and others like him live in the Eldenthorn Forest. I sat and tried to use my thoughts to come up with a sharp and edgy name, however, Eldenthorn just stuck with me and I have learned that, as a writer, if it sticks, I have to try it out!

The Eledenthorns

The Eledenthorns

The Eldenthorn

*All stand at 5’11” tall in height.
*Have magical powers to make inanimate objects come to life to perform tasks.
*Large triangular-shaped ears that protrude from long spikes of long hair.
*Kind in nature but must warm up to other before trusting them.
*Neat and tidy civilization.
*Kelmare (an Elderthorn) befriends Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena.

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