Queen Zardana

I don’t often do female characters, strangely enough? Not intentionally, however. In Marky, Slash & Levy, there was Whisper, who became a big-time character in Book Four. Lexi (The Cat) is female, in the book and in real life. I have changed that up with The Boondock Kids, Sindy & Cristena are two of my four main characters and for the first time in six novels the forces of evil is helmed by none other than Queen Zardana! A fitting tribute, I feel, to make a female, not only a character but half of the main characters of the story and the lead antagonist to boot! I am excited to uncover how ruthless Queen Zardana will become, the wonderful thing about creating characters, for me, is that I find myself shocked at how much they will grow and take on a life of their own!

As for now, the origin of Queen Zardana is somewhat of a mystery. No one in Spyderia knows just where she came from or calls home, but it is quite clear that she is a force to be reckoned with and has no intention of losing her control that she possesses over half of Spyderia! The Boondock Kids are in for a battle!

Queen Zardana of The Palace of Darkness Bright

Queen Zardana of The Palace of Darkness Bright

Queen Zardana
*Six feet tall.
*Pale complected.
*Almost human-like.
*Brunette hair down past her shoulders.
*Sterling silver crown.
*Silver sceptre with a diamond crystal on the end, a source for half of her powers.
*Power to read thoughts and control minds of the weak.
*despises human beings.
*Rules from the Palace of Darkness Bright which sits atop of Ruby Falls.
*Wears a black over jacket, covered by a black robe and plaid kilt.

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