Do you ever wake up and after lying in your bed or on the couch for an hour, you realize that a work day is not in the cards? Well, I woke up this morning, sick yet again! At 6:50a.m. I knew that I was sick and not going into my ‘paycheck’ job. I would like to have said that I remained awake and celebrated a paid day off, but that was hardly the case. I took an aspirin and a small drink of water back to bed with me and remained there until 3p.m.

I have found myself sick from my ‘paycheck’ job more this year so far, than in the past five years I have work for the lumber company. chalk it up to stress I reckon, every workplace has its highs and lows. When you find yourself sick from the stress of the workplace and do what you can to try to change it but to no avail, perhaps it is time for this writer to move on to the next ‘paycheck’ job?

I enjoy my work and the flexibility that comes with it, never is there a day that I do not thank my God for my blessings. I do believe that in life, we know when it is time for change and we can either do something about that feeling and take control of our lives, or, we can do nothing and risk being completely miserable and desolate.

To quote a line from the Kevin Costner film; Tin Cup:

“You either define the moment, or, the moment defines You!”

I do feel somewhat better and have had the idea of a character who can dig through the ground in my head when awake. I sat down and created The Platidons! While my artistry is lacking, I can see these adorable ‘good’ guys in my head as clear as day!



*Between a foot to foot and a half tall.
*Slight cross between a beaver and a rabbit.
*Fastest digger in all of Spyderia.
*Does not carry a weapon but can level most creatures by using its tail.
*Very friendly with most others.
*Opposed to the evil queens rule.
*Good friends with The Trabantians.
*Power to make rain.
*Live in Shidler Hills

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