I can’t go on without saying that I have just finished what was an amazing weekend! A weekend filled with love and family. You see I am getting married, (yes I know I have not mentioned it before now) and this weekend brought my family together with my wife-to-be and her family, without me!

My Marcey and her mother went shopping Saturday with my mother and step mother for our wedding. It not only ment a lot that my mother and step-mother have a pleasant time, but that everyone, as a whole, got together as a family to celebrate and have some memory making moments! I truly thank my God for this blessing!!

Every weekend is a blessing with my sons! Add my daughter and wife-to-be in and movie theater in and you talk about fun! I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Peabody and Sherman Last night and found the film very good and the picture was great visually!

Then what could be more fun after Sunday church, than a homemade lunch and a backyard for four children to play in the sun with! I am so very glad that old man winter is moving on and will not return for many months!

Returning home I have found myself creating The Trabantians! A rather small and peaceful civilization that live within the grasslands of Tabantia. I love these creatures because they are so very gentle and welcoming. Their generosity has led many to try to use their kindness for trickery, however, the average Trabantian is no fool and very difficult to manipulate. Never the less, they are some of the most peaceful, and productive inhabitants of Spyderia!



* Two feet tall.
* Troll like inhabitants of Trabantia.
* Very peaceful.
* Use cycles to harvest the grasses of Trabantia for their food supply.
* Long and floppy ears.
* Thick spiked hair on their heads.
* Though extremely kind, very seldom manipulated.
* Evil queen despises the entire civilization because of their bright personalities.
* They have the power to shape shift the ground beneath them for protection.

Don’t forget, hard work will show reward, careless wishing with bring your broken hopes. Live With Passion!!

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