I sit at my computer screen tonight, with one eye shut, leaving my right eye to watch the words as I type them in front of me. It has been one heck of a long day and what energy I had for this afternoon is now gone, out of here, no existant! I have to admit that I am very glad to have Spring officially here, even though I awoke this morning to a light coating of snow upon the ground! I am very much ready for the warmer, sunny days!

So, tonight I sat down and began thinking about my next character for The Boondock Kids. After two hours, I have given life to The Abyssians. These enormous, water based characters live in the deep waters of Juniper Lake, which is created by the magical Ruby Falls. The Drane River cuts into Spyderia and reaches out over the Shacklemare Cliffs, creating the falls. Juniper lake then funnels itself down and into the Pasteria River, before completing the dissection of Spyderia.

At first I could not decide if The Abyssians were good or bad, but I have settled on bad for the reason that, in my mind, I can see them as clearly, gigantic and devastating to those who would drift into Juniper Lake. Ok, so with that said, here are some stats on The Abyssians. Remember, Live With Passion!


* Water based character that looms over 200 feet tall.
* Composed of thousands of gallons of water.
* Resides within Lake Juniper.
* Very devastating, can drown most creatures within striking distance of its massive aqua punches.
* Guards the mouth of Juniper Lake and Ruby Falls for the evil queen.
* Will only allow the evil queen to safely travel across Juniper Lake.
* No known weakness.

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