Wow! I can not believe that I have a character created and it is not yet 10 o’clock! I admit that I am never at a loss for amazement! Thinking about The Grindlebacks took most of the evening and I sat up until one in the morning to complete it, Hmm,could an early bed time be taken tonight?

I had a particular image stuck in my head of pale creatures with crazy hair and dressed in black that could control others with the sound of their shrieks. It almost came out too quickly! I love creating characters! There is something about giving life to a character that is somewhat similar to a young child being born. At one point it was not their, then, in the blink of an eye, it is not only here but growing as we speak with a life of its own.

The Whimsic:
*6 feet tall
*Pointed ears with white, spiked hair
*Hollow blue eyes
*Slinder build
*Powers of trance when their shriek is heard
*Inhabitants of The Clawthorne Mountains
*No Friends
*Bribed servants of evil queen

With a very busy weekend ahead of me, I want to wish you a Happy Spring and a wonderful day! Live With Passion!!

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