Roadblock Breakdown



A couple of months ago, I sat down and began work on my map for Spyderia. Spyderia being the magical world around the characters of my sixth children’s book; The Boondock Kids. Then, I had planned to sit down and let it all come to me, just as it had when I laid out the world of Mavenwood in my 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th books of Marky, Slash & Levy. Well…that wasn’t ment to be I reckon!

I laid out four very realistic landscape of Spyderia that night. The Misty Mountains, The Clawthorn Mountains, which together, created Misty Claw Hollow and the enchanted Eldenthorne Forest. I was doing great and having a smile on my face when, BAM! A roadblock hit that left me with no further ideas!

I would be forced to shelf the map of Spyderia for a few months, those months ending tonight!

I sat down at my desk tonight and stared for only a few minutes and then it hit me like a block! For the next 45 minutes I worked, thought and drew my way across Spyderia. I began by creating the lust prairie of Trabantia, the rolling Shidler Hills, the dogwood tree adorn flat lands of Warrensted, the plateau riddled lands of Shaklemare, the beach peninsula of Sands of Mistenmare, the bitterly cold tundra of Wistenbrook, the barren wasteland of Hysteria and the murky Swamp of Rayback!

After ten years of writing children’s stories, I am always surprised when how things might seem like a roadblock for what seems like forever and then (once again, lol) BAM! You sit down and work through it like it was no sweat at all! To top it all off, I created Ruby Falls, Juniper Lake, Drane River and Pasteria River!

All in a good nights work I reckon! Live With Passion!

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