Fall Farewell

As the snow slowly begins to melt, I make my way south of U.S. Highway 50 and into the last small section of my ‘Fall’ map.
When I began in late September, I knew that I had the most ground to cover before the end of the season. Due to my transportation changing, the ‘Fall’ map had the least amount of ground covered. Meaning, I was going to have to run a proverbial gauntlet in order to make up ground and finish on time.
As I traveled up and down the few remaining roads, it was actually bittersweet, knowing that I could cover such ground and sticking to my guns and getting it done! The good feeling that accompanies an accomplishment is merely icing on the cake of hard work!
This time, I made my way along the Wabash River and into state preserved wetlands. The landscape had gone from vast farm ground, riddled with irrigation pumps, to mostly uninhabited wilderness in only a few short miles. never the less, I got in some great shots and enjoyed my time!
The weather also helped considerably, I had gone through the blizzard only a few weeks sooner and was now glad to see such precipitation go as the days turned for the better. I would imagine that as Winter makes its way, the cold days, most certainly lay ahead!

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