Battlefield Blizzard

With a Sunday morning covered in white, I wake with my three amazing sons, each, covered up warm under blankets. With the fire burning, I look out my frost covered windows and see, not the sun, but rather a very grey, clouded sky welcoming the early morning.
Still, not even a cold and clouded day could stop my sons and I from entering the backyard and playing as though it were Summer, Winter coats included! We enjoyed our time together with snowball fight, playing on the swing set covered with snow and even letting Lynden’s dog, Rascal, out for some fun in the ten inches.
Even with all of the fun, it would soon be time for my sons to see their mother and I would return them to our dropping point. You know, it is sad when children have to have a “Drop Off Point”. None the less, a great weekend was had and that is all that matters to this Dad!
By this time, mother nature was stirring up the snow that had fallen the past couple of days and begun dropping the temperature. I would grab my fountain drink and head back out for my next to last Sunday on the ‘Fall’ map. That’s right snow and Fall in the same sentence.
Now Allison Township is home to what, we in Lawrence County call, Allison Prarie, a very large area of Lawrence County, Illinois that is nothing more that flat, open farm ground with very few trees scattered across the landscape. It is, by far, the most barren are of the county.
This trek would also be the most treacherous one in the two years that I have been working on this project! I logged 51 miles in the midst of a blizzard. There were many points during my trek that the roads were not visible and travel was slow and steady.
Heck, there were a couple of situations where I was making the only tracks down a snow-covered road for the first time that not one vehicle had been down since the first snowfall. I am always ever so thankful for my four-wheel-drive! It has gotten me through some of the hardest conditions while working on this project. Without it, some of my photographs would not be possible.
With that said, I want to wish you a safe and careful remainder to your week! I am always so grateful for your time and hope you Live With Passion!

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