Snowstorm Of Fall

So close to the end of my Fall map, I can almost taste it. One more week and it will be, forever, in the books. What does good ole’ mother nature do. She throws the storm of the year over Lawrence County, Illinois and thus challenging me to trek on out there.
Trek out there, I did! Now this was a Saturday, which ment that I had to work at my ‘paycheck’ job until noon. You wanna talk about the slowest Saturday in five years, well, this was it! Ice, slick, and ten inches of snow blanketed the ground. Yet, as the 12 o’clock hour arrived, I fled, towards my small, yet very warm and comfortable home, grabbed my gear and into the Jimmy I went.
I began by logging my beginning mileage down and then pushing the ever so intriguing, four-wheel-drive button. I hear the Jimmy lock into 4Hi and out of my drive I go.
As always, I make my was to the station to grab a large fountain drink, (for some reason, I don’t drink Rc out of the bottles in the Winter) and head into the white wonderland.
If I said that it was smooth sailing, I would be telling a tall tale. The roads were slick and in some places, the road crews had not even been down some roadways, making for an adventurous (and fun) trek across the plank landscape. At some points along the journey, the 4×4 was my life saver!
I am always shocked (for some reason) that a snow can change the landscape completely! Some places I always find rather plain, have burst to life with a beautiful blanket of white! it was so white in fact my driving glasses remained shaded the entire day due to the light.
I logged 50 miles as I marked off another chuck of Lawrence and Allison Townships. Only three more trips available before the Fall season is over. Should I not make it, I would have to wait until next Fall, simply to cover the remaining mileage, that can’t happen…..and won’t!
As you embrace the coming of Winter, please enjoy life and Live With Passion!

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