Closing In On Fall!

As I completed my last session two weeks ago, my Kodak Easyshare C180 had begun to make noises as it opened and closed. After close to 6,000 photographs, I had figured that it was time for this rather inexpensive, point and shoot camera to begin making moans and groans.
My Kodak camera has not only taken around 3,000 shots for my picture book project but began its life in the Fox household as the family camera five years ago. If it was going to begin clicking and popping near the end, I figure it has earned every right to do so!
Ironic in a way, for it is at this time, my friend, and fellow photographer, Dr. Gage Caudell ( gotten in contact with me, asking if I would like a camera that he seldom used. Now I seldom take anything for free, being raise to give for what I get, but felt so very much appreciative for the generous gift and being told that he would rather give me something that I would use and appreciate than sell it to someone who might not care for it.
So with that, I sat out for what could possibly be, the last warm Sunday of 2013! After saying goodbye to my mother, who had traveled to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and dropping my sons off for a visit with their other grandparents, I set out to finish off Bond and Russell Townships for the season of Fall.
I did just that! After logging 67 miles, I closed the book on two townships for the fall and will now move onto the remainder of Lawrence and the entire Allison Townships before completing my “Fall” map.
I had my fountain drink in tow as well as both my old Kodak Easyshare C180 and my new Sony Cybershot RX100. I could not be happier with both cameras! It grunted along, but my Kodak still got in some good shots as my Sony got some awesome angles in every light!
I now have two Saturday afternoons and two Sunday afternoons to finish this “gauntlet” I have been running for three months now, on my way to covering a very large hole in my map, that I had so graciously left for myself in 2012! Upon closer examination, that should be just enough time to close the door on Fall with as much excitement as I had, saying farewell to Summer!
With that said, I wish you a wonderful week and ask that you Live With Passion!

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