A Session Before

It was during the session two weeks ago that I began feeling sick and upon completion went home to a hot shower and a warm bed. I apologize greatly for not posting this session as I entered the final quarter of my ‘Fall’ map. I apologize for not writing more. There is so much I want to go into but some things continue to go on in my personal life that hinder me from many things such as writing! I wish I could clear the smoke and get back to it!! This past Sunday, I had no money left for fuel in my Jimmy to go on a trek, thus meaning absolutely no shots. I wish I had money just for that, if you find a money tree, be kind and pass it on to me! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and hope you Live With Passion!!



















Feeling Fall

What a relief! This time out, it looks very much, like Fall! I admit that I had begun to believe that the trees of Lawrence County, Illinois was going to turn brown and just drop their leaves! This trek has given me some great color and some great shots!
I have to be honest about something. Being that I take great pride in having a clean vehicle, I have officially given up on keeping my Jimmy clean until I am wrapped up with the picture book! I mean, how can I possibly keep something clean when I drive through muddy roads and have dust rolling into the cab at every stop!? I will rise it off, but the deep cleaning, make it look all super, is finished until early next year!
I sat out today with one objective and I completed it! I wanted to finish out Petty Township, which I was unable to do after driving 107 on the previous trek. I also wanted to make my way back north again, towards my fathers home and I came just south of the homestead I grew up at!
I knew I would not log 100 miles today but I am very pleased with 67 good miles in my log book! In those 67 miles, I watched as farmers raced to harvest their yearly crop, listened, as the trees rustled in the wind and felt that slightly crisp Fall air rushing into the cab of my Jimmy as I went down many gravelroads!
With dust on the dashboard and dirt in the floor boards, My Jimmy and I are coming very close to finishing this quarter on my ‘Fall” map. Then it will be a dash to cross the last empty quarter I have! I am trucking right along and do not plan on stopping!
I feel terrible, but as the late night hours roll on, I am unable to remain awake any longer! I must hold on long enough to show you some of my phones from the days trek! I wish you the best on a great Tuesday and hope you Live With Passion!