SPYDERIA: Coming Along

I have my mind boggled tonight! I am trying to complete my map of Spyderia but I continue to come in contact with road blocks! How can I press on with The Boondock Kids with my map to work from? How can I complete my map, when, I continuously change my ideas! I will just chalk that up to being a writer and leave it at that!

I have to complete my map though! When I was working on the Marky, Slash & Levy series, I was repeatedly returning to my map of Mavenwood to help me remember character placement. In fact, my map even helped me with character development at times! As I sit down with the idea of the next area I want to create, I flip my pencil over to the eraser and make yet another change!

I never thought it would be difficult to write and take photos at the same time. For others, it might be an easy task, I wish it was for me, as I am always up sorting photos and such. I look back to my map of Spyderia and feel good knowing that I will have a much better road map before me, once it is completed!

I am still trying to come up with a name for my evil queen, I am narrowing my list but that is a hard task when I like the names I have selected! You know, that’s the life of a struggling writer! Live With Passion!

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