107 Mile Trek!!!

I began this journey towards my picture book in the middle of Winter of 2012. I have been all over Lawrence County, Illinois since then! In Fact, I have covered the roadways of my home county not once, but twice, on my way to three times, come mid-December!
In that span of time, I have been out on over 100 different treks, getting my shots and logging my miles. Some treks have been rather long, (say 88 miles) and some have been very short, (16 miles) all in pursuit of completing my four volume picture book!
I often wondered, “Would I ever log a 100 mile session?” Well, today, I am happy to report that I did just that, plus adding 7 more miles, just for good measure! Today, I was out for six hours and logged 107 miles for my efforts! Gathering a score of great shots and finishing off a large section of my ‘Fall’ map!
I could not have asked for a more wonderful day! The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the ground was dry! The third aspect was most appreciated, given the fact that the very first road I made my way down had not been used in years and, when wet, can be a four-wheel-drives nightmare!
A weekend in the Fall would not be complete without farmers in their fields with the yearly harvest. Today I have seen more combines, semi-trucks and tractors than ever in the Spring. Who could blame them, mother nature was not going to give any more favorable weather than this day. With dust flying, the farmers made their way across the county!
Dust also flew behind my jimmy as I made my way up and down this road and that road! My tires are no longer the traditional black, but rather, resemble that of four chocolate glazed donuts, ready to be eaten.
On my map, I covered a section I like to call ‘The Maze’. The landscape is similar to that of ‘The Dust Bowl’, however, the roads in this particular section require me to do more back tracking than most other places. Instead of a simple grid-like roadmap, ‘The Maze’ is a dissection of x’s and y’s that make straight travel simply impossible! I have lost count just how many times I have had to turn around return to a previous road just to highlight one small section. But then again, to be true to my assignment, I must travel every road!
While on one road, I came across a Fox who was simply sitting in the middle, looking back and forth as if he were trying to decide where it was he wanted to go. I slowed down as I approached him, hoping to not startled his decision-making process. The fox turned his head, saw me, then slowly got to his feet and wandered into the empty corn field. It was clear that this Fox was very laid back and knew I ment no harm as he went on his simple way!
All in all, it was a blessed day for photos and great afternoon to reach 100+ miles!
I am also happy to report that ‘Truth & Tales’ is ranked #443,564 on Amazon.com! That is great for this compilation and I look to see it climb higher as time goes by! I will also be releasing Barney & Lexi: Lost in Lawrenceville onto the Kindle e-book very soon. Now, if I only had the money to send off Marky, Slash & Levy Bk1 to the editors, that would be amazing!
With that, I am off to do what most men must, SHAVE! I wish you a good night and a great week! Live With Passion!

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