Another 40

Friday’s are wonderful aren’t they? I mean, it is generally the end of the work for many and is also payday for most. I enjoy looking forward to having the weekend with my sons and shooting pictures. To add Fall into the mix is like a breath of fresh air!
I pack my photo gear into my Jimmy this morning before I headed to my ‘paycheck’ job, since I had no intent to stop at home and gather my gear later. I sometimes worry that my old camera will cease to function, being left in my Jimmy all day, however, it keeps on clicking!
Then, as 5 o’clock rolls around, I walk out the door of my ‘paycheck’ job, climb into my Jimmy and make my way for the Dust Bowl. The one benefit of after work treks is that the sun shines down differently towards the evening, creating wonderful shadows and splendid color during the Fall.
Tonight, I clearly noticed that many of the leaves were turning red, yellow and orange! In the Spring, I love to see the bare trees of Winter give way to leafy green, but yet, I am so happy to see all of the green give way to the colors of Fall! To me, it is like the turning of a page during the year.
Today I logged 40 more miles and a modest section of my ‘Fall’ map was highlighted! It was also a great night for local farmers, who were out in full force with their Fall harvest. The countryside was lined with semi-trucks with trailers full of corn and beans, while every other field seemed to have a combine, driving through the gathering. Although it was dusty yet again, it was a beautiful evening for some great shots and reflections!
As I call my day, I want to wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you Live With Passion!

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