Links & Long Nights

Truths & Tales w/ L.B. Fox

I am so excited to share the link to Truth & Tales on! It has been a very long road to seeing this compilation in hardback, but it is here and I would be honored to sign any copy that is purchased! I do hope that you enjoy reading the emotional journey I have taken to reach where I am now in my writing career!

I truly feel like a writer tonight. It is my second night with no food to eat, but hey that’s how it goes when you have utilities right? LOL. Although this is kind of tight spot right now, I continue to look towards the future and am more determined than ever to reach my goals in life. One of those goals is to support my three amazing sons as a Full-Time Author.

I want to invite you into my Facebook home and hope to hear from you there!! Just click on the image below and ‘Like’. See more photos and information not on 1 Imaginary Fox!
With my head up, I press on! I hope that you will Live With Passion! 😉

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