The Corner of a County

Now, on most Sunday mornings, you can find me under the covers on my comfortable bed, with my youngest son, Rylen, playing his Mobie-Go, under the covers, right beside me. I would lay there listening to my other boys, Lynden and Ethan watching cartoons on television. This particular Sunday morning was just slightly different!
I awoke inside of a tent with the cool morning air all around me! Under a large pile of blankets, I was rather warm, as were two of my boys, Lynden & Ethan, sleeping soundly. I laid under the covers and listened to the birds gently chirping and cars going by, ever once in a while on the highway nearby.
This weekend, our Cub Scout pack hosted the Fall Field Day for our local district, and with tradition, it was followed by the overnight campout, consisting of a hay ride, kickball, flashlight tag, smore’s, hotdogs, pancakes and eggs! For the Fall Field Day I was the instructor for the Archery Range and was on my feet for close to ten hours before setting up camp at our 4H center.
It was the first time that Ethan had camped with Lynden and I. Boy, I was so happy to have him with us this year, he had such a great time! When all was said and done, the boys and I returned home for a two-hour visit with their grandma who was in town and for me, a hot shower which made things so much warmer!
When it came time for the boys to return to their mom’s, I sat out for 74 miles of photo shots and three hours of trying to keep myself awake, LOL. I found myself into the far northern corner of Lawrence County, Illinois. The corner of The Dust Bowl, is rather remote and isolated, but makes for some untouched photos of nature!
This corner of the county has the most concentrated area of black top roads that turn into gravel that exists anywhere else on my trek. Call me crazy, I find it interesting to see a road go from black top to gravel, something about giving way onto something else, makes one appreciate the luxury of black top greater!
I must admit that Fall has officially taken hold and will retain its firm grip on Lawrence County until December, I believe! With the trees beginning to turn colors and crops being harvested, this beautiful season has made itself known at last!
As I make my way across the county, I must keep my eyes set, solely, on completing my ‘Fall’ map by Christmas to move on to Winter. A goal, I believe fully, I can achieve! Until that time I will work hard and plug away at this assignment. Until then, I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you LIve With Passion!

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